Constructions for zinc galvanization

Our company realizes the hot dip galvanization according to the Czech standard EN ISO 14 713

The main principles are:

  • to avoid closed corners which could make air pockets and air volumes
  • all double plated surfaces should be provided with air gaps and/or openings
  • to avoid very narrow slots between some parts of the construction
  • to install blow-out openings to locate each vent diagonally against the other one
  • the construction should be provided by openings/holes and holders for making the montage of any adjacent parts
  • all founded casts made by sand forms must be cleaned by a sand stream prior to their galvanization
  • to avoid big metal walls formed by a thin not armored metal sheets which could be deformed during the zinc process

It is absolutely necessary either to avoid any use of closed rooms or to ensure a blow-out holes or drainage of closed slots, otherwise occurs a serious risk of a big explosion !

Recommended sizes of blow-out openings:

Diameter of hollow part

in mm

Minimal diameter of blow-out opening

in mm

< 25 8 – 10
25 – 50 12
50 – 100 16
100 – 150 20
> 150 25

It is convenient to contact management of the mentioned galvanizing factory in case of a treatment of some complicated constructions to agree on the location of blow-out openings in advance.