Acceptation of your order

Our company wants to offer a very flexible time for our customers so that the whole procedure takes as shortest time as possible also as most economical as possible with regard to the costs

We are ready to accept your order formally at any time, but without any previous agreement at this time::

Mon – Fri 6,00 am – 2,00 pm

Other terms are possible only after a previous agreement with respective galvanizing factory manager

All items which are accepted for hot dip galvanizing have to meet following requirements:

Acceptation of every order has to be prearranged with the management of the company. Long-term orders and all special-demanding orders require a conclusion of a contract between a customer and contractor which specifies the terms of fulfillment of the order, quality of galvanization, special requirements of the customer, treatment of galvanized items, way of billing, fabrication and agreement of reference samples and eventually other agreed conditions.

Transportation of the goods appointed for galvanization has to be provided by a truck, so that unloading can be carried out by a lift truck. In case the customer chooses a truck which wouldn’t enable our lift truck to unload the goods, it is needed that unloading is also provided/arranged at the expense of the customer.

Every delivery must be provided with an order (unless there is not concluded a contract with the customer) and delivery list with all the needed terms, such as:

  • name of the components
  • number of pieces, eventually weight of one piece
  • Date
  • signature of the customer and (his/her) stamp

Requirements for a technical quality of the order are different in each of our two galvanizing factories.

Galvanizing factory in Čenkov (District of Příbram):

Maximum weight of one item must not exceed 1500 kg. Maximum size of the items appointed for galvanizing must not exceed following proportions:

  • length 6800 mm
  • width 1350 mm
  • height 2200 mm

Galvanizing factory in Brniště (District of Česká Lípa):

Maximum weight of one item must not exceed 1000 kg. Maximum size of the items appointed for galvanizing must not exceed following proportions:

  • length 4300 mm
  • width 1000 mm
  • height 1800 mm

It is obligatory that the customer provides all the means needed for a manipulation with the goods and also a slot for deaeration or a drainage of closed slots or give a consent to the galvanizing factory for a creation of technological openings and draining canals.

It is necessary to avoid any closed slots (rooms), because they can cause a big explosion during the hot dip zinc process.