Technology of galvanization

  1. Steel constructions before to be galvanized, must be cleaned from rests of paints and cinder after their welding. All casts should be free from forming sand by means of compressed air streaming
  2. It is suitable, all big greased constructions make free of fats and oils before process of their treatment
  3. The surface of all constructions should be free of rust and cinder by soaking in dilute hydrochloric acid
  4. After soaking, the steel constructions are dipped in melt. This is a water solution of zinc and ammonium chloride. Thus the surface has got to lost his oxides.
  5. Dipping into a zinc bath
  6. Water or air cooling
  7. Product grinding treatment to remove welding drops and edges

Coating Properties

  • Product appearance
  • Thickness incl. measurement ranges
  • Coating repair
  • Coating adhesion

All is given by EN ISO 1461


Minimal coating thickness:

product thickness 
Local point (µm) Average value (µm)
Ocel => 6 mm 70 85
Ocel 3 mm až 6 mm 55 70
Ocel 1,5 mm až 3 mm 45 55
Ocel < 1,5 mm 35 45
Odlitky => 6 mm 70 80
Odlitky  < 6 mm 60 70