Advantages of zinc galvanization

  • A very long life of the zinc coating, decrease of the zinc coating is 0.002 mm per year in our climatic conditions (the decrease of the zinc coating dependent on a corrosive environment is presented in EN ISO 14713). The corrosion of the zinc coating advances from the surface to the steel without any corrosion between zinc coating and steel since the galvanizing zinc process creates first a layer of the iron–zinc alloy and then a pure zinc coating consequently.
  • An excellent resistance against the mechanical damage in opposite to dye paints.
  • Zinc coating cathodicly protects steel even in the case of a small damage of the coating
  • The hot dip galvanizing does not change any properties of steel.
  • Low costs – the coating does not need to be renewed during the whole product lifetime.
  • An easy control, because no steel corrosion under the zinc coating can appear.
  • Zinc galvanizing is environmental acceptable. Zinc is a natural element and in a small amount very tolerable for all organisms. His positive secondary influence on environment is that a zinc coated product prevents from any premature exchange of a not coated product and thanks to that fact saves raw material and energy